Ośrodek Wczasowo-Kolonijny "Sosna"

Hostels for young people in the Giant Mountains

If you are looking for a good school trips, for which we can go to our class is worth thinking about Giant, which represent a very attractive in terms of pricing. Very cheap hostels in the Giant Mountains provide young people cruise cheap and good quality accommodation, with the option to buy the food. Lots of beautiful mountains, located close to each other provides greater opportunities for hiking and sightseeing. In addition, mountain air is healthiest because it is not contaminated by pollution from mines, mills, and smelters.

Students Meet a few days in the mountains is something you do not forget for life. Who was at least as any, it knows what is in question. This is an amazing experience. Spend time with twenty people close to us, in the mountains is something special. Of course, the only obstacle to such excursions are watching our teachers, who often hinder us in everything we do. Looking for deals on a mountain trip we should devote most attention was Karkonosze, which are almost ideal for such a trip.

In terms of youth can be said that entertainment in the Giant Mountains is at a very high level, by the standards of mountain. It is known that there is so many clubs, as well as in major Polish cities, but certainly we will not be disappointed by this element. A couple of discos, clubs and bars completely enough so everyone can find something suitable for their tastes.
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Ośrodek Wczasowo-Kolonijny Sosna
Schroniska dla młodzieży w Karkonoszach